Does the police department have a policy on tattoos?

Members of the Rock Hill Police Department will be permitted to have visible tattoos within the following guidelines:

The display of any offensive image, phrase, or other expression contained within a visible tattoo will be prohibited. Offensive images, phrases, or other expressions include, but are not limited to:

(1). Depictions of nudity, violence, or criminal activity;

(2). Sexually explicit/vulgar art, words, or profane language;

(3). Symbols likely to incite a strong negative reaction in any group;

(4). Words, symbols, or depictions that exhibit or advocate discrimination against age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability;

(5). Initials, symbolism, or acronyms that represent criminal or historically oppressive organizations, groups, affiliations, gangs, or activities.;

(6). Visible Tattoos/Body Art may not contain any unapproved reference to Rock Hill Police Department or any of its divisions or any political affiliation or message; and

(7). Any images or words that brings discredit upon the department or that is deemed offensive by the Chief of Police or his designee.

Tattoos are not permitted on the neck, face, head, or the area of the chest that would be visible while wearing Rock Hill Police Department approved attire or uniform.

Tattoos are not permitted on the hand; below the wrist; except for a single band tattoo on one finger of either the right or left hand.

A member of the Rock Hill Police Department seeking to obtain  a new  tattoo, or to make additions to an existing tattoo, which would be exposed while wearing a short sleeve uniform must submit a request, using the approved Rock Hill Police Department Tattoo Authorization form, to the Professional Standards Captain for approval.

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