Other Opportunities

Telecommunications Operator

Duties of a Telecommunications Operator:

  • This position requires specialized work with telecommunications equipment to receive and transmit information. Work requires fast, effective processing of information and the performance of related clerical duties.
  • Receives calls from the general public requesting emergency or safety services.
  • Dispatches appropriate public safety units and assists in obtaining additional information and locating streets and addresses.
  • Coordinates activities between various public safety agencies. Receives radio/telephone calls from field units, transmits messages via radio, telephone, or computer and makes inquiries to obtain information or service of other agencies.
  • Maintains radio contact with public safety units that are on call. Keeps continuous record of status of units in and out of service and on cases.
  • Performs all other duties as may be assigned to meet organizational needs.

Corrections Officer

Duties of a Corrections Officer:

  • Maintains discipline, safety, and security in the City Jail or while in transit to court, prison farms, jail, and medical facilities.
  • Observes conduct and behavior of arrestees to prevent disturbances and escapes; conducts physical searches of arrestees and cells for contraband articles; performs security checks for damage, safety, and other emergency reasons.
  • Performs clerical duties, including typing and filing; completes reports; answers phones; issues summons.
  • Performs light housekeeping duties; prepares and serves food; gives medication.
  • Performs all other duties as may be assigned to meet organizational needs.


SupportThumbnailThe Rock Hill Police Records Division serves as a citizen contact point for access to incident reports, accident reports, and other community services offered by our department. The Records window is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each week day and offers many opportunities to make a positive difference each day for visitors to the Law Center Lobby. Media representatives contact the Records Division each day for access to police reports. The Records Division also plays a critical role in supporting both patrol and investigative teams by performing daily data entry for incident reports, citations, warrants, and report supplements. The Records Division is responsible for the accuracy of crime statistics reported for Rock Hill to state and federal authorities. If community service and attention to detail are strong points please consider becoming a member of the Records team.