The Professional Standards Captain is responsible for Training, Recruiting, Internal Affairs, and Community Services. Each of the larger components has a first line supervisor who reports to the Support Services Captain. The Professional Standards Captain reports to the Major over the Support Services Bureau.

Community Services Unit  

Community Services Unit is responsible for coordinating youth services, community services and crime prevention activities for the Department. A ranking supervisor reports to the Support Services Captain. The Community Services Sergeant reports to the Community Services Supervisor and is responsible for the assignment of investigations of crimes suspected to be committed by juvenile offenders, overall case management of juvenile criminal cases, including the security of the manual case files and the monitoring of changes in the law applicable to juvenile procedures and keeping other Department members up to date on changes as they occur.

School Resource Officers (SRO’s) report to the Community Services Supervisor and serve the middle and high schools in the city limits of Rock Hill. These officers will act as liaisons between the students and faculty and the Department. The SRO’s assist in criminal investigations that involve juvenile offenders and victims.

The Safety Education Officer is responsible for the Safety Patrol Program with the School District’s elementary schools, overseeing the school crossing guard program, and the planning and implementation of the annual Safety Patrol trip. Other duties include coordination and operation of the Worthy Boys and Girls Camp (including fund raising activities), community speaking and recruiting volunteers for these and other Department programs. In addition, the Safety Education Officer also assists in other youth and community service activities as required and reports to the Community Services Supervisor.

Internal Affairs Unit

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for the personnel functions of the Department, including recruiting, selection, hiring, retention, promotion, training, evidence, equipment, building maintenance and discipline. The Internal Affairs supervisor directs internal affairs and staff inspections.

Recruiting is assigned to a Recruiting Officer, who is responsible for the coordination of all Department recruiting efforts. The Recruiting Officer reports to the IA Sergeant.

Training Unit

Training is staffed by a Training Lieutenant and a Training Sergeant, who is responsible for the coordination of training at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, in-service training, and specialized instruction. The Training Sergeant is also responsible for maintaining training records, as well as assisting in training functions pertaining to CALEA standards and the Department’s Career Ladder and serving as the Department’s Career Development Counselor.